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Feb 21

Buying area rugs

When people think about decorating a room, they usually visualize various accessories and small details that will make a room look better. However, when focusing just on furniture people tend to forget that the room will look plain, empty and cold no matter how much furniture and details you put in it if there is …

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Sep 10

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Rug For Your Home

Outdoor rugs can be quite ideal for your homes outside and indoor spaces. One of their main advantages is the fact that they tend to be more affordable than their indoor counterparts. In addition, they are specially designed to withstand the elements, which make them highly durable and stain resistant. By choosing the right outdoor …

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Jul 01

Area Rugs Decoration

Area rugs are versatile, functional and fashionable. They are not just something to decorate your home, they have a practical purpose as well. They can: – Be used to create the visual impression of having several separated areas within a room – Make a room appear warmer – Add color to a tile or hardwood …

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May 02

What is the Ideal Thickness of a Felt Rug Pad

Felt rug pads come in a range of thickness. A variety of factors determine the ideal thickness of a felt rug pad. Some of the factors depend upon personal choice of the individual, while some other factors belong to the type of floor you want the rug on. The important factors that help decide upon …

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Apr 15

How to Choose The Right Rug For Your Home

It’s always exciting to decorate your own home, because you get to choose all the furniture, decors and appliances. Since your home is the place where you will spend a lot of time, you have to make it as comfortable as you can. One amongst the most important items you will have to buy for …

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Apr 11

Traditional Carpets Decoration

Decoration Preferences for Homes that have Traditional Area Carpets When inserting traditional area carpet into your decor, the way they blend with your chic is as significant as their size. Traditional carpets are ones that have old world or Persian themes. Traditional carpets have an outline print that incorporates floral, center medallion, geometric, or repeated …

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Mar 15

Clean your Rug with the Professionals

How long have you had your rug? It could be just a number of years, or maybe it has been in your family line for decades. Either way, the rug is of sentimental value in the house. It is the focal point of the room which ensures that all the other elements blend seamlessly. It …

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