Daily Archive: 03/11/2016

Choosing a rug and the most common mistakes of home décor

rugs500x365Choosing an area rug isn’t really that complicated, but there are several mistakes people tend to make when it comes to home décor and rugs. In order for you to avoid these mistakes, read this article we have prepared for you and also make sure to keep them in mind when decorating your home.  When choosing the rug, you should know the appropriate size of it. If you happen to choose a rug that is too big or small, this will distort the room. Too big of a carpet will make the room look smaller, and a small carpet will make it look bigger. First of all, look at the furniture in the room, and then make a decision of where you want to place the carpet. Some of you may like area rugs, but if you are looking for smaller carpets, a rule of thumb you should stick to is to choose a carpet that is two feet smaller than the smallest wall of the room the carpet should go into. The furniture should sit comfortably on the carpet, or at least with front legs of the furniture. This way, you can’t miss.
Before you choose the wall color, you should choose the color of the area rug and the furniture; otherwise, you will end up running around and searching for rugs and furniture with a paint color sample in your hand. So, the best option would be to choose the furniture, then find the rug, and after you are done with this, you should decide what color the walls should be. The basic rule of thumb when choosing a rug is usually good for a living room. As for other rooms, there are several more tips you should read before choosing a rug. Let’s start with hallways. This is usually the first room your guests will see, and if it’s completely covered with a rug, it will look a bit odd. Take a measuring tape and measure your hallway. After you are finished, you should subtract twelve inches from the width and length. This is the perfect size for the hallway – six inches all around the rug. The dining room rug should be placed below the table, and it should be around 54 inches larger (in both length and width) from the table. co627-gelaberd-rug-240x140cmThis will make the tables stay on the rug while moving them in and out. As for bedrooms, you should add 24 inches to the length and width of your bed. The most common size of bedroom rugs is 8’x10’, but if you have a smaller bedroom, a 4’x6’ will also be good. If choosing the smaller rug, you should know it doesn’t go under the bed, of course, but in front of or next to it. Remember, a cohesive space begins with good proportions, so always make sure to pick a rug of a good size.